Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Safe School/Madrasah Continue To Be Developed

The application of school/madrasa safe from disaster, clean and healthy, green, energy efficiency, inclusion and child friendly as the mainstreaming disaster risk reduction strategies, continue to be developed extensively in the world of education.

To that end, on Monday (25/2/2013), as many as 150 people are teachers, students, principals, students, academics and practitioners follow the international seminar organized post-graduate University of education Indonesia (UPI) Bandung. The Seminar was organized in cooperation with Family Associations Concerned education, School safety, National Secretariat and partner ministries/other related institutions.

The activities also jazzed up with an exhibition of photos, essays, and articles by children and good practices the application of school/madrasa safe from disaster, is integrated with the application of models of child-friendly School which has developed in Indonesia.

Yanti Sriyulianti of Seknas School safely, say, in the event, handed over a certificate of appreciation to the Secretary of the Department of education of the city of Bandung, Bandung, head of SMP 11 learners and teachers, for the support and partnership of the typical Student Movement Coalesced in institutionalization to school safely.



Title Post: Safe School/Madrasah Continue To Be Developed
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Author: Mohammad Zulfi Satriawan

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